Sonali Tazrin

Sonali Tazrin

Assistant Officer (Finance and Adminstration)

Sonali Tazrin embarked on a new chapter in her professional journey as she joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) assuming the role of Assistant Officer in Finance and Administration. With a strong academic foundation, Sonali had earned a BBA in Finance from Independent University, Bangladesh, followed by an MBA in Human Resources Management from North South University.

Her career path had been marked by nearly 7 years of diligent work across a diverse range of organizations. From local establishments to multinational banks and international entities, Sonali had accumulated a wealth of experience that honed her skills in Finance, Operations, HR, and Administration.

Before her tenure with ETI, Sonali had held a significant position at MUNSHI, a local company. In this role, she had operated as the Manager-Coordinator, overseeing the broader group dynamics and functioning under the guidance of the Managing Director.

Her contributions extended beyond local ventures, as she had also served as a Finance and Administrative Associate for a project funded by the World Bank, specifically the IFPRP-IFPRI initiative (International Food Policy Research Institute), in collaboration with the Ministry of Food, JV-Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), and the University of Illinois, Chicago. This engagement had spanned over 5 years, further enhancing her expertise and understanding of the complexities of her field.

Sonali Tazrin’s multifaceted background and extensive experience underscored her capability to navigate various aspects of finance, operations, and administration, making her a valuable addition to the Ethical Trading Initiative. As she embarked on this new role, her past achievements and dedication were poised to shape her future accomplishments within the organization.