Mahbuba Akbar

Mahbuba Akbar

Programme Officer-Communication and Documentation

Mahbuba Akbar assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the effective dissemination of ETI’s mission and accomplishments to stakeholders worldwide. Her professional profile is characterized by a commendable amalgamation of academic prowess, practical expertise, and profound research acumen.

Mahbuba holds a Masters degree in Journalism & Media Studies from Jahangirnagar University, laying a solid foundation for her expertise in media advocacy, journalism, communication research, advanced reporting, media economics, and management.

Beyond her academic achievements and professional roles, Mahbuba boasts the distinction of being a published author, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to exploring and comprehending digital communication trends and their far-reaching implications. Her research publication, titled “Social Media Rumors in Bangladesh,” featured in the Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice (2020), stands as a testament to her dedication in this regard.

During her tenure as a Digital Marketing Intern at Raincloud Communications, Mahbuba showcased her strategic prowess by conceiving and meticulously executing marketing and advertising campaigns, crafting persuasive copy, and adeptly managing digital interactions with clients.

As an Executive Member of the Jahangirnagar University Journalists’ Association, Mahbuba played an active and influential role in press briefings, decision-making processes, and the seamless execution of critical events, underscoring her commitment and leadership abilities.

In her capacity as the Public Relations Coordinator for Radio Carnival, she demonstrated exceptional skill in fostering brand awareness and maintaining seamless communication with esteemed guests, exemplifying her versatility and proficiency in public relations.

In her role as a Public Relations Associate at Grey Initiative, Mahbuba dedicated herself to the cause of mental health awareness at Jahangirnagar University, orchestrating impactful webinars and crafting educational materials to enlighten students.

In her capacity as the Media Director for Jahangirnagar University Higher Study Club (JUHSC), Mahbuba efficiently managed the media sector, meticulously curated content, and skillfully issued press releases. Furthermore, she adeptly bridged the gap between the club and her department while serving as a Department Envoy.

In her role as Organizing Secretary for the Dhaka District Student Welfare Association, Mahbuba made substantive contributions to organizational initiatives, thus underscoring her unwavering dedication to community engagement.

Mahbuba’s extensive volunteer and work experiences have uniquely equipped her with a profound perspective on ethics, effective communication, and community involvement. Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication render her an invaluable asset to ETI’s global communication initiatives.