August 8, 2023

ETI Bangladesh Brand members Forum emphasized collective approaches to improving RMG industrial relations

The quarterly meeting of the ETI Bangladesh Brand Members’ Forum took place on August 7, 2023, in Dhaka. Eighteen representatives from sixteen well-known RMG brands attended this meeting to discuss collective approaches to improving industrial relations in the Bangladesh RMG industry.
June 7, 2023

JETI Green Social Dialogue Programme celebrated the world environment day 2023

Five RMG factories under the JETI Green Social Dialogue Programme celebrated the World Environment Day 2023. The celebration aimed to raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and foster a sense of responsibility among the RMG workforce towards the planet. ETI Bangladesh, in partnership with ETI Norway provided technical and advisory support to organize this event.
May 22, 2023

Green Social Dialogue Working Group Formed Through Pilot Project Validation Workshop

A working group comprising of different stakeholders has been formed aiming at incorporating stakeholders’ insights into the green social dialogue pilot programme. This collaboration among stakeholders is expected to contribute to strengthening the impact of the Green Social Dialogue programme and promote consolidated learning in the industry.
December 29, 2022

Consultation with factories on gender sensitive workplace programme experience and way forward

A participatory review of ETI’s gender sensitive workplace programme experience was carried out jointly by participating factories, brands and ETI programme team in a consultation workshop, where they also determined potential future steps to sustain the practices and impacts
December 8, 2022

STITCH Bangladesh Roundtable Discussion on Freedom of Association and Social Dialogue 

‘Social dialogue and freedom association are interlinked, one cannot be ensured without the other, and both are indispensable for an improved industrial relationship and better business’ - said the speakers at the roundtable discussion on freedom of association and social dialogue.
October 26, 2022

JETI Organized Webinar on Promoting Female Leadership in Garment Factories

Promotion of female leadership in the RMG sector of Bangladesh requires a collective approach where the respective stakeholders primarily NGOs, INGOs, Business Associations, Suppliers, Brands, federations, Government, MSIs need to work in their respective territories to create a cohesive plan and jointly decide their facilitative roles...